The Park

With an area of 50 ha the Wildlife Park Gangelt offers fascinating nature and animal experiences for the young and the young at heart with many wild animals such as Brown Bears, Lynxes, Wolves, Deer, Roe Deer, Wild Boars, European Bisons, Elks, Chamoises, Ibexes, Marmots, Otters, Raccoons, Pine Martens, Wild Cats as well as Eagles, Kites, Buzzards, Falcons and Owls as protagonists.

The slightly hilly forest terrain allows for visitors a close experience of our indigenous animals during a recreative walk. Our Bird-of-Prey-station is a very special attraction with regular free flights of the birds. In the Bee house local beekeepers provide many details worth knowing about these busy insects.

A large adventure playground for climbing, swinging and frolicking is available.

The Wildlife Park Gangelt contributes actively to nature conservation by participating in international species protection and release-in-to-the-wild-programs. (European Minks, Little Owls, European Wild Cats)

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  1. Water birds
  2. Fallow deer
  3. Birds of Prey
  4. Ibex
  5. Brown Bear
  6. Chamois
  7. Wild Boar
  8. Pheasant
  9. Partridge
  10. Red Fox
  11. Tarpan
  12. White Fallow Deer
  13. European Elk
  14. Wisent
  15. Wolf
  16. German Heath
  17. Sika Deer
  18. Bee house
  19. Black Fallow Deer
  20. White Red Deer
  21. Roe Deer
  22. White Stork
  23. Lynx
  24. Red Deer
  25. Pine Marten
  26. Raccoon
  27. Otter
  28. Wildcat
  29. Marmot (Groundhog)
  30. Moufflon

Impressions from our park